Create a Workspace in Fabric

In November 2023, I shared how to start learning Microsoft Fabric in a post titled Start a Fabric Free Trial. Once your free trial is set up, one good next step is to create a Workspace.

Begin by browsing to Fabric at

After logging in, select any of the available capabilities displayed on the Home page (I select Data Factory in the image below) to expand the left menu:

(click to enlarge)

On the Fabric menu, select Workspaces to open the Workspaces pane:

When the Workspaces pane opens, click the “+ New Workspace” button top open the “Create a workspace” blade:

When the “Create a workspace” blade opens, the only required property is Name:

  1. My workspace is named “LearnFabric”:
  2. After entering a Name, click the “Apply” button to create the workspace:

Advanced workspace configuration is surfaced by expanding the Advanced category when creating a new workspace,.

To navigate to your new workspace at any time:

  1. Click Workspaces on the left menu
  2. Click the name of your workspace (“LearnFabric” in my case) to open the workspace:

A new workspace displays (it still has that new workspace smell):


Workspaces allow administrators and developers to group Fabric capabilities.

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