Workaround for BimlExpress 2018 Error Importing Packages

I had no sooner published my blog post about the coolness of Biml 2018 when I encountered a bug trying to use one of the features I really like – converting SSIS packages to Biml using (FREE!) BimlExpress 2018 with Visual Studio 2017.

My first response was, “Durnit! This worked in the test versions.” My second response was to drop a note into an issue-tracking site Varigence set up to record these kinds of things.

And then I started getting emails similar to, “Hey Andy, I get this error when I try to use the new ‘Convert SSIS Packages to Biml’ feature”…

David Stein to the Rescue!

David Stein (blog | @Made2Mentor) dropped a note onto the BimlHero Support channel about this issue, along with a workaround: If you add a Biml file first, and then try importing SSIS packages, it works. You don’t even have to save the Biml file. Simply create a new Biml file. That’s enough. You can delete it. After that the “Convert SSIS Package to Biml” functionality works (click to enlarge):

Varigence is aware of the issue and is working to address it. Be patient.


Andy Leonard

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8 thoughts on “Workaround for BimlExpress 2018 Error Importing Packages

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I didn’t mention that I was using Visual Studio 2017. I’ve added that to the end of the first paragraph. I have not tested this workaround in other versions of Visual Studio. Thanks for letting me know that it doesn’t appear to work in Visual Studio 2013 – I will pass that information along to Varigence.

    Thank you,

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