SSIS, Docker, and Windows Containers, Part 6 – Executing Packages in an SSIS Catalog in a Container

In the previous six posts I:

  • examined how to install Docker for Windows, pull a test image, search for a SQL Server on Windows image, install and interact with it (Part 0)
  • shared why I want to do all this (Part 1)
  • shared one way to execute SSIS on a container in Part 2
  • shared a failed attempt to add an SSIS Catalog to a SQL Server-on-Windows container in Part 3
  • shared a successful attempt to create an SSIS Catalog in a container (Part 4)
  • shared how to deploy SSIS Projects to an SSIS Catalog in a container (Part 5)

View in SSMS

I can view the deployment in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) after refreshing the SSISDB node in SSMS Object Explorer’s Integration Services Catalogs node:

On (Attempting to) Execute SSIS Packages Using SSMS

An aside regarding attempting SSIS package execution from SSMS connected to an instance of SQL Server in a container (using the runas /netonly trick shared earlier: It appears to work, but doesn’t. The package execution is created but “hangs” in Pending Execution status:

(click to enlarge)

Execute SSIS Packages Using PowerShell (Kinda)

I write “kinda” here because I’m only using PowerShell as, well, the shell. I’m back to where started, executing SSIS packages using the dtexec command:

dtexec /Server “localhost” /ISServer “\SSISDB\Test\TestSSISProject\ReportAndSucceed.dtsx”

There is one big difference, however. This package is being executed from within the SSIS Catalog on the container and not from the file system.

Are We There Yet?

No. There’s more I’ve learned but haven’t (yet) shared.

I wrote this series over the past several weeks, completing the editing for this post 18 Mar 2019. In less than two weeks I get to hang out with Liz Baron and Sreeja Pullagura from Teach For America at
SQL Saturday #813 – Boston BI Edition on 30 Mar 2019 and learn what new and exciting things they’ve discovered since we last hung out. The TFA team has done amazing work. Liz and Sreeja are delivering an information-packed session titled SSIS DevOps with Azure Containers on this very topic. I can hardly wait.

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