One Way to Add an Existing Data Factory to Github, Part 1

This is part of a series of posts. This post focuses on creating a GitHub account and repository.

You built an Azure Data Factory back in the olde days and now you want to save your ADF pipelines and affiliated artifacts. What to do? What to do? One way to save all that code is to connect your data factory to Github or Azure DevOps for source control.

“Source control is challenging to learn and not a trivial exercise, but it is worth the trouble.”
– Andy Leonard, circa 2022

The unabridged topic of source control with github is beyond the scope of this post. There are a number of ways to accomplish the tasks described in this post and series. I welcome your suggestions in the comments.

This post is written to help Azure Data Factory developers get started using github.

Create a Github Account and a Repository

If you do not already have one, create a github account. Start by visiting

Complete the github signup process:

Once your account has been created, click the “Create Repository” button:

If you already have a account, browse to your github account, click Repositories, and then click the “New” button:

Configure your repository. I usually begin with a private repo, check the “Add a README file” checkbox, and then click the “Create repository” button:

Once created, the new repository displays one commit (for the README file):

Careful readers will note I change github accounts moving forward. I did that so that I could accurately demonstrate creating a new account on For the remainder of this post, I work in another existing account, aleonard763, instead of the account I created here, andyleonarddilm. The repository name remains LearnAzure.


In this post, we created a GitHub account and repository. In the next post, we examine connecting an Azure Data Factory to a GitHub repository.

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