Available for Pre-Order – The Biml Book!


I am excited to announce The Biml Book is now available for pre-order from Amazon and Apress!

I was honored to write with the inventor of Biml, Scott Currie, and an awesome team of BimlHeroes: Jacob Alley, Martin Andersson, Peter Avenant, Bill Fellows, Simon Peck, Reeves Smith, Raymond Sondak, Benjamin Weissman, and Cathrine Wilhelmsen.


Part I: Learning Biml

  • Biml Tools
  • Introduction to the Biml Language
  • Basic Staging Operations
  • Importing Metadata
  • Reusing Code, Helper Classes and Methods

Part II: Biml Frameworks

  • A Custom Biml Framework
  • Using Biml as an SSIS Design Patterns Engine
  • Integration with a Custom SSIS Execution Framework
  • Metadata Automation
  • Advanced Biml Frameworks and BimlFlex

Part III: Biml Topics

  • Biml and Analysis Services
  • Biml for T-SQL
  • Documenting Your Biml Solution
  • Troubleshooting Metadata
  • Troubleshooting Biml

Part IV: Appendices

  • Source Control
  • Parallel Load Patterns in Biml
  • Metadata Persistence

Amazon projects the book’s release in early December but we anticipate the book will be available sooner.

Reserve your copy today!