It’s Biml 2018 Release Day!

Scott Currie and the team at Varigence announce the release of BimlFlex 2018, BimlStudio 2018, and BimlExpress 2018!

This much-anticipated release includes awesome features for experienced Biml professionals as well as for data engineers new to automating processes!

BimlFlex 2018

BimlFlex is a mature and complete data engineering automation framework. Out of the box, BimlFlex automates several data models, including:

  • Staging Database
  • Persisted Staging Area (ODS)
  • Raw Data Valut
  • Business Data Vault
  • Dimensional Data Warehouse
  • Data Marts
  • Cubes
  • Tabular

The benefits of BimlFlex:

  1. Flexible Data Framework
  2. Robust Metadata Mapping Tool
  3. Avoid Data Debt
  4. Shorter Delivery Times
  5. Simplified Maintenance
  6. Upfront Pricing


I absolutely love the BimlFlex Savings Calculator near the bottom of the page (click to enlarge)!

BimlStudio 2018

BimlStudio 2018 includes support for all Azure Data Factory (ADF) version 2 items (as of 06/20/2018). Which ADFv2 items does BimlStudio 2018 support?

  • Linked Services
  • DataSets, Sources, and Sinks
  • Pipelines and Activities (including control flow)
  • Triggers

Also included is support for BimlScript PreCompiled Assembly Package (BSPCAP) files, which include the preprocessed binary assets for all of the BimlScript files in your project.

BSPCAP promises faster processing – especially with large codebases – for builds in the interactive designer and for command line builds. I’m looking forward to learning more about this feature!

There are too many new features to list here – go to the BimlStudio 2018 page and check them all out!

BimlExpress 2018

Varigence keeps giving away cool stuff! Nowhere is Varigence’s commitment to community more evident than in the feature list for BimlExpress 2018. The previous version – BimlExpress 2017 – included the Preview Pane. BimlExpress 2018 includes the ability to Convert SSIS Packages to Biml:

How cool is that? And it’s in the free (FREE!) version!

As with BimlFlex and BimlStudio, there are too many cool features to list here. Head over to the BimlExpress 2018 feature page to learn more.

And Happy Biml’ing!


Presenting A Day of Intelligent Data Integration in NYC 18 May!

I’m honored to present A Day of Intelligent Data Integration – a SQL Saturday NYC precon – 18 May!

What is Intelligent Data Integration? SSIS packages developed using tried and true design patterns, built
to participate in a DevOps enterprise practicing DILM, produced using Biml and executed using an SSIS

Attend a day of training focused on intelligent data integration delivered by an experienced SSIS
consultant who has also led an enterprise team of several ETL developers during multiple projects that
spanned 2.5 years. And delivered.
Attendees will learn:

– a holistic approach to data integration design.
– a methodology for enterprise data integration that spans development through operational support.
– how automation changes everything. Including data integration with SSIS.

Topics include:
1. SSIS Design Patterns
2. Executing SSIS in the Enterprise
3. Custom SSIS Execution Frameworks
4. DevOps and SSIS
5. Biml, Biml Frameworks, and Tools

Register today!


The Biml Book is Available!

The Biml Book became available last week! I’m delayed in posting this because I was at the PASS Summit 2017 last week where I had a great time catching up with old friends, making new friends, learning new stuff, and presenting.

Really exciting for Biml people, Scott Currie was on-stage to present Biml and Azure Data Factory 2.0 in the PASS Summit 2017 Day 1 keynote. It was a good day for Biml, methinks. Cathrine agrees, although our video was truncated.

Enjoy the book! I provided the Table of Contents in this post.

Coming Soon: Biml Academy v2.0!


Announcing Biml Academy v2.0

Update: See this post at Biml Academy for an opportunity to sign up for 50% off!

I am pleased to announce the relaunch of Biml Academy!

The site currently hosts free training from the very first Biml Academy week – way back in the Spring of 2016. I delivered that training while on the road. I was delivering consulting at a large software company in the Pacific northwest… It was a fun gig! But when they asked me to spend Biml Academy week onsite, I had to request one caveat: that they allow me to deliver the content from their offices.

My project manager was (and still is) awesome. He agreed and the rest is history… recorded history, even!

Check it out at Biml Academy!