SSIS in Visual Studio 2019

If you’re using Visual Studio 2019 with SSIS, you may encounter an error or two when you start. One error is “incompatible” tacked onto the name of your SSIS project in parentheses:


Another error you may encounter is found in the Migration Report, a local htm file that contains information about the the attenpted Visual Studio project migration:

Some of the details may read: “The application which this project type is based on was not found.” Here’s how to fix it:

How To Fix It

Times they are a-changin’. That’s what Bob sang back in the day. It’s true for installing SQL Server Data Tools development templates in Visual Studio 2019. Here’s one way to install SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) templates:

1. Open Visual Studio 2019

Once open, click Extensions–>Manage Extensions:

(click to enlarge)

2. Search / Download the SQL Server Integration Services Projects Extension

When the Manage Extensions window opens, type “Integration Services” in the search textbox in the upper right corner of the window. SQL Server Integration Services Projects should appear near the top of the list returned. Click SQL Server Integration Services Projects and then click the Download button:

3. Once Downloaded, Open

Open the downloaded file:

4. Follow the SQL Server Integration Services Projects Wizard

Click Next to continue:

Select your target Visual Studio 2019 installation and click the Install button:

You may get an error because Visual Studio is still open and you’re trying to update it (I did). Click the OK button, close Visual Studio, and click Install again:

The SSIS templates take a while to install. Once they’re installed you’ll see this window. Click the Close button:

5. Open or Create an SSIS Project

If you’ve attempted to open an SSIS project before, it may still open as “incompatible.” If so, right-click the project and click “Reload Project”:


You should now be able to develop SSIS using Visual Studio 2019!

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21 thoughts on “SSIS in Visual Studio 2019

  1. Good Morning, Trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I am figure out how to create a new SSIS package in VS 2019 community. I have downloaded VS 2019 and found the extentionsion for SQL Server Integration Services Projects, however when I try to open a new project I do not have the option for any integration projects?? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Dave,

      First, I am sorry. I know how frustrating that can be. When you open VS2019 and click Extensions –> Manage Extensions, can you find “SQL Server Integration Services Projects” in the list? If not, it hasn’t yet been installed, or maybe not installed properly. There could be something hinky with your Visual Studio installation, as well. I encounter a lot of “hinky” when people are attempting to run two (or more) versions of Visual Studio (i.e. 2017, 2019) on the same machine.

      Try walking through the instructions I provide carefully. If that doesn’t help, ping me at andy@thisdomain.

      Hope this helps,

    2. I installed these extension a couple weeks back, and noticed them “missing” from the new project page. However, they were there, and very buried. I only found them by searching. Try inputting ‘Integration’ in the search box. If they still don’t show up, then they are not installed or have a problem.

      FWIW, after you use them once, they self-attache to the “Recent project templates” area. That makes them easy to find again.

    3. I met the same problem here. I never used or installed VS before VS 2019 on my current computer. The SSIS is shown to be installed in Manage Extensions. But there is no template added. There is nothing related to Business Intelligence or SSIS when creating a new project from the template. The situation is the same with SSAS and SSRS extension. Hope there is a solution.

  2. Thank you, you suggestion worked for me. I had a project created in VS 2017, then i installed the VS2017 and installed VS 2019, and i started getting the incompatible error, I then followed your steps up to scratch and all is good now. Thank you

  3. Thank You…. Why is everything Microsoft so difficult? I would have never figured this out without your blog!

  4. Good info. Thanks.
    How about this error >>
    “An Integration class cannot be found.” “Make sure that Integration Services is correctly installed and that is it running.”

    1. Yes. There are things that do not work as expected (in my opinion). One of them is: If I rename a package in Solution Explorer, the Package *file* is renamed, not the Package object. Try it. Rename a package, save it, then look at the Name property in Properties.

  5. I ran through all the instructions. The dialog says it was installed. But when I try to open an SSIS project, it’s not there. Poking around, SSIS is shown as installed under “Tools” and there is nothing under “Templates”. Do I need to uninstall and re-install? How to get it under “Templates”?

    I also explored the registry entry you linked to. Visual Studio does not appear under . . . \Microsoft.

    I am working on a VM at the office.

    Any insight???

  6. Hi Steve,

    A couple thoughts / questions:
    1. Are you installing the new Integration Services Preview extension in Visual Studio 2019?
    2. Are there any other versions of Visual Studio on the same OS?

    Hope this helps,

  7. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for this. We were upgrading from VS 2008 to VS 2019 and you saved us!

    It worked exactly the way you described.

    Thanks again

  8. Hi Andy,
    I’m very new in SSIS.
    I managed to install VS2019 and SSIS Projects from Extension.
    However, when I try to create a project I only get the message: “Creating project ‘Integration Services Project3’ ….” but it does NOT complete.
    Is there something you could recommend.
    Much appreciate your help.

  9. I am getting an error when I try to run an SSIS project in SQL Server Agent. Specifically:

    To run a SSIS package outside of SQL Server Data Tools you must install Standard Edition of Integration Services or higher.

    I installed the SSIS preview in Visual Studio 2019, and I assume the error I get in the SQL Server Agent is because this is a preview? Any ideas to get my SQL Server Agent Job to work?

  10. Hi Jocelyn, Juergen, and Christopher,

    I have not yet encountered the errors you describe. Since three of you have taken the time to let me know you are experiencing an issue, I believe there is an issue. I don’t have an ironclad, personally-tested solution at this time. Some advice follows, which I hope will help.

    This post was published before the release of the 3.1 (Preview) Integration Services Extension (released 8 Jul 2019). Make sure you have the latest versions of Visual Studio 2019 and the latest version of the Integration Services extension (which I find here:

    Also, please keep in mind the Integration Services Extensions are currently in Preview. You may be encountering a bug that will be addressed before release to General Availability (GA).

    Hope this helps,

    1. I’m migrating from SSIS in VS 2008 and have a lot of packages to maintain. Seeing as this is in “preview” do you think it is a viable solution or is there some risk to taking to suing this?

      1. Hi Sam,

        At the time of this writing, there are risks in using the IS extension (in Preview). I’ve not tested it extensively, but I’ve noticed little things that raise concern about the bigger things. A good example: When I rename the package file, the package name retains the previous name. If I know about it, I can catch and fix it. What worries me? What don’t I know about…

        Hope this helps,

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