SSIS in Visual Studio 2019

If you’re using Visual Studio 2019 with SSIS, you may encounter an error or two when you start. One error is “incompatible” tacked onto the name of your SSIS project in parentheses:


Another error you may encounter is found in the Migration Report, a local htm file that contains information about the the attenpted Visual Studio project migration:

Some of the details may read: “The application which this project type is based on was not found.” Here’s how to fix it:

How To Fix It

Times they are a-changin’. That’s what Bob sang back in the day. It’s true for installing SQL Server Data Tools development templates in Visual Studio 2019. Here’s one way to install SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) templates:

1. Open Visual Studio 2019

Once open, click Extensions–>Manage Extensions:

(click to enlarge)

2. Search / Download the SQL Server Integration Services Projects Extension

When the Manage Extensions window opens, type “Integration Services” in the search textbox in the upper right corner of the window. SQL Server Integration Services Projects should appear near the top of the list returned. Click SQL Server Integration Services Projects and then click the Download button:

3. Once Downloaded, Open

Open the downloaded file:

4. Follow the SQL Server Integration Services Projects Wizard

Click Next to continue:

Select your target Visual Studio 2019 installation and click the Install button:

You may get an error because Visual Studio is still open and you’re trying to update it (I did). Click the OK button, close Visual Studio, and click Install again:

The SSIS templates take a while to install. Once they’re installed you’ll see this window. Click the Close button:

5. Open or Create an SSIS Project

If you’ve attempted to open an SSIS project before, it may still open as “incompatible.” If so, right-click the project and click “Reload Project”:


You should now be able to develop SSIS using Visual Studio 2019!

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4 thoughts on “SSIS in Visual Studio 2019

  1. Good Morning, Trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I am figure out how to create a new SSIS package in VS 2019 community. I have downloaded VS 2019 and found the extentionsion for SQL Server Integration Services Projects, however when I try to open a new project I do not have the option for any integration projects?? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Dave,

      First, I am sorry. I know how frustrating that can be. When you open VS2019 and click Extensions –> Manage Extensions, can you find “SQL Server Integration Services Projects” in the list? If not, it hasn’t yet been installed, or maybe not installed properly. There could be something hinky with your Visual Studio installation, as well. I encounter a lot of “hinky” when people are attempting to run two (or more) versions of Visual Studio (i.e. 2017, 2019) on the same machine.

      Try walking through the instructions I provide carefully. If that doesn’t help, ping me at andy@thisdomain.

      Hope this helps,

    2. I installed these extension a couple weeks back, and noticed them “missing” from the new project page. However, they were there, and very buried. I only found them by searching. Try inputting ‘Integration’ in the search box. If they still don’t show up, then they are not installed or have a problem.

      FWIW, after you use them once, they self-attache to the “Recent project templates” area. That makes them easy to find again.

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