Save Money on Azure SQL DB

Regular readers of this blog know I am all about saving money. I’ve blogged about ways to set up inexpensive instances of Azure SQL DB. I recently learned a couple new ways to save even more money working with Azure SQL. Both methods begin the same: The Stuff in Common Begin by connecting to the Azure …
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Three New Azure Training Offerings

Enterprise Data & Analytics Training announces three options for learning Azure (from me!). Start today for free with our 7-day free trial! Azure QuickStart Monthly – Subscribe monthly for one low monthly cost. Azure QuickStart Yearly – Subscribe yearly and save. Get two months free! Azure QuickStart Premium – A yearly subscription that includes access to recordings of …
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New Trusted Site Required when Connecting to Azure SQL DB

I got pinged about a new trusted site requirement when I tried to connect to Azure SQL DB this morning. is the URL. I added the URL to Internet Explorer’s Trusted Sites: I was then able to connect to Azure SQL DB and add a rule for my IP using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

AndyWeather Internet of Things (IoT) is a site I’ve maintained for about 10 years now. I use the site and related hardware, software, and services to test concepts and perform experiments. I then apply my experience in delivering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for Enterprise Data & Analytics customers and for SSIS and Biml training, such as my upcoming course titled …
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